Moscow Sister City Association

The Moscow Sister City Association [MSCA] is a member of Sister Cities International, which links over 1000 U.S. cities to sister communities in over 90 nations.  The City of Moscow pays dues for MSCA 's membership in the parent organization.  All other funding comes from work and contributions by association members and other interested citizens of the area. 

MSCA officers are Elisabeth Berlinger (president), Susie Wiese (treasurer), Theresa Beaver (secretary), Steve McGeehan (director of the board), and Dave Barber and Linda Christensen (board members).

Renaissance Fair Food Booth. Each year at Moscow's Renaissance Fair in May MSCA offers fair-goers delicious home-made food featuring famous Bolivian salteñas made by Mary Voxman (the driving force behind the association since its inception in 1986) and a large supporting cast. In 2009, 500 salteñas were made by about 15-20 people. All proceeds go to MSCA projects.




Other activities. MSCA has its annual fundraising drive in the spring. Over the years there have been other fundraising events, such as the virtual “Carla Kappler Secret Sauce” spaghetti dinner and a quilt raffle. In cases of emergencies such as hurricanes and earthquakes, we make an appeal for funds by letter.

In light of the recent travels of Moscow residents to Villa El Carmen, and our hopes of being able to sponsor a visitor from Villa El Carmen, we are looking to expand our range of activities. 

If you would like to join our friendly exchange, or are going to Central America and would like to represent Moscow in Villa El Carmen, or are willing to write letters to schools or individuals, please join us.

Sharing school supplies . Every year MSCA, through the tireless efforts of Moscow teachers and students as well as members, has collected, packed, and shipped leftover school supplies—some years over 60 large boxes—to Nicaraguan schools. Travelers to VEC from Moscow usually carry extra luggage with books or supplies. This project benefits schools that do not have adequate resources while raising the consiousness of Moscow school children.